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Did you know that the name Lim comes from the Latin word Limes -[border], since the valley separated two Roman provinces at the time, the present-day cities of Poreč and Pula, back in the days of the Roman Empire. The Lim channel or Lim fjord is actually a bay that was created by submerging the former mouth of the Pazinčica river, which once flowed through that valley and flowed into the sea, but now sinks and flows like a sinkhole. The bay is one of the most beautiful natural treasures of the Istrian peninsula. It is indented 35 km into the mainland. It is surrounded by very steep hills, sometimes up to 100 m high. It is up to 30 meters deep, and at its widest part it is about 600 meters wide. Considering the brackish water in the bay, due to the mixing of the fresh water that springs up in that place and the salt water of the sea, it is extremely rich in plant and animal life. Fish and shellfish are grown in that area, of which oysters and mussels are widely known. There is also Gusarska spilja, one of several caves along the Lim channel, and it can only be accessed from the sea.