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Are you on vacation and wondering what is on offer near you?
Would you like to know more about the attractions but from the comfort of your armchair or from a deck chair on the beach?
With one click, get informed with the offer near you or the place where you are thinking of spending your vacation.

Choose a place, price, type of service: excursion, boat, transfer or taxi, rent a yacht, boat, jet ski, water parachute, combine and save, see promotions, discounts. Choose, book a date, determine the place of departure, buy a ticket, all in one place, with one click.

Safe, reliable, fast and easy.
It’s boatsandtrips.com – your personal guide, advisor, salesperson. A service that will help you enrich your vacation faster, easier and safer; stimulate your imagination, and use our help to choose the best trip for you.

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