Private tour - Rovinj archipelago

by Mirsad
Location: Rovinj
Duration: 2 hours
Passengers: 12


Explore the rich Rovinj archipelago of 16 islands and 4 rocks.

These natural areas belong to the category of "significant landscapes". It should not be surprising, because the indented coastline, forests of holm oaks with Aleppo and Bruce pines, as well as specific agricultural areas are captivating with their beauty and preservation.

The "significant landscape" stretches from Cape St. Ivan to Barbariga, includes all twenty Rovinj islands and islets, as well as the coast up to 500 meters deep inland.

Red island with its 23 hectares of surface is the largest island of the Rovinj archipelago, while behind it is the beautiful island of Katarina, a true curiosity of the plant world - botanists have recorded as many as 456 species of plants.

Choose the island where you want to swim/dive and enjoy the beautiful, clear and clean sea.

Included in price

Using diving masks.

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We offer the option of choosing the length of the private tour according to the price list:

1 h: €138, 2 h: €230, 3 h: €288, 4 h: €345

Maximum 12 people.

Private tour - Rovinj archipelago
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